The Department of Campus & Public Safety takes the lead in promoting a safe and secure environment for everyone who works at, attends, or visits W&J College. 24 hours a day, 7 days, a week, 365 days a year, we are your partners in and guardians of public safety.


With ethics of respect, integrity, and fairness, we work in support of the larger mission of W&J College, creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for your experience here. As an integral part of the W&J College community, Campus & Public Safety staff, our sworn police officers, and our security officers provide the services to maintain the safety and security of everyone on and around campus. You'll see us on regular patrols of campus, providing CPS escorts, or offering safety seminars. We also maintain emergency call boxes in accessible locations across campus, install and monitor security cameras, and keep well maintained grounds and facilities with adequate exterior, street, and sidewalk lighting. We work with the 安全委员会 to continuously review, design, and implement the best practices and policies for our campus.


W&J College policies and services are designed with your safety as a top priority and with the intent of protecting our community. Services include a CPS Safety Escort Service, available all day, every day, regular campus patrols, safety seminars and workshops, and the regular inspection and maintenance of facilities.


We all play a role in campus safety. Keep yourself and others safe by understanding and abiding by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the W&J College Student Code of Conduct, attending crime-prevention workshops and seminars on campus, using the CPS escort service, and, when necessary, reporting crimes and other emergencies promptly to the Department of Campus & Public Safety.












Commited to open and transparent communication, the Office of Campus & Public Safety publishes an annual report with statistics for the last three years.